The refuge summer masters commission is here!!!

The Refuge is going to be offering and running a summer discipleship program for teens!

This summer we will be setting out on a life changing journey called Master’s Commission. This program supports our Church's philosophy of “making His (Jesus) last command our first priority” which is based on the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19 : “Go therefore into all the world and make disciples of all nations..."

Master’s Commission is a discipleship program that combines biblical studies with the real life application of practical ministry. These students will be spending their summer memorizing scriptures, studying the Bible, taking classes on theology,  evangelism, doing outreach, and much more. They will experience public speaking, children's ministry, street evangelism, and missions. They will develop leadership skills, a work ethic, and tenacity of spirit. They will learn how to plan, market, and run an event at the Refuge, on the street, or on the mission field. Some of the bravest among them will learn a new language or instrument.   

This summer the MC program will include a week long camp with their friends, a ministry trip to help run a faith based sports camp in Vallejo CA, a week in Los Angeles ministering at the LA Dream Center, running a week long VBS for the kids in our own community, and ending the summer with a missions trip to Mexico.


This entire summer including all the missions trips, will cost a little over $1000per student. We have asked the students to raise $550 and are hoping you can help us with the remaining $450 per student. 

With such an unbelievable curriculum and intense schedule, and addingthe high cost I thought we would be doing great if 5 kids signed up....

We have had 18 students commit so far!!!

If you are interested in helping these students in this life changing summer, please donate. Everything helps! 

You can donate through this Go Fund Me Page or receive a tax deduction through our website at

Thank you so much!!