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The BMBT program stands for a Better Me a Better Tomorrow. Every Refugee is eligable to be on a team. The teams compete in a season by gathering points. The team at the end of each season that has the most points wins a trip with their team.  


We have set a point value to everything that we think helps make them better people. Things like, good grades, community outreach, after school job, playing sports, serving at the Refuge, and attending church to name a few.




Teams is where we develop both leadership and friendship. We task the Captains (student leaders) with leading each team in their pursuit of points. Creating activities, rallying attendance, communicating details and following through on commitments are just a few ways that our young leaders develop and grow. 

Friendships are also forged in the heat of battle, and trust me the desire to win is fierce. 

the intangibles

Positive peer influence is a powerful thing. We really inforce the truth that God rewards the diligent. We also use the BMBT to deduct points for destructive behavior. This allows us to join forces with parents, guardians and teachers by penalizing students for destructive behavior away from the refuge. It also creates an enviroment were their peers begin to reinforce positive behavior for the sake of the team.