The Reason we exist.

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It all started when...

We exist to reach the often overlooked, written off, and unwanted youth of our comunity. We strive hard to earn a place in the hearts and lives of kids who feel unnoticed and unsupported by family or even educators. It is hard to be a kid in todays world, and even harder when raised by a single parent, or no parent. When you lack the correction and encouragement that comes from a healthy family unit, you often have no idea of whats missing, you just know somethings missing. 

We also exist to provide a safe place for kids with to much time on their hands and no real direction or encouragement on how to spend it. We have programs and classes all week long. Art, automotive, music, drama, and course our skate park and weight room, all designed to engage the kids in personal growth and development.

Each activity we have serves one purpose, to help kids develop into better men and women. We have four main character qualities that we strive to inspire. 

1. HARD WORK - We are always working, cleaning and serving around The Refuge. In every event and activity the teens are asked and encouraged to share in the workload. Our culture is failing to instill this quality and we are determined to make up the difference.

2. COMPASSION- We are big on serving others and our community. Whether its feeding the homeless, or teaching younger kids, we place a high emphasis on thinking of others and learing to put them first.

3. COPING- Life doesn't always go the way we would like to, and it is most certanily not fair. We try very hard to help kids develop the nessescary skils needed to face the world in all of its diappointments and still keep moving forward.

4.FAITH- The quality that enables us to reach those things that our just beyond our reach. To dream and believe that if God is for you who can be against you. To hope and trust, because you have purpose and potential.