We are a collection of youth pastors who may have different backgrounds and denominational labels, but we share one common passion….Teenagers. We believe that together we can effectively reach and restore a lost generation.

We are, The Refuge Youth Center, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide an emotionally and physically safe environment where teenagers can come participate in events and activities that develop a desire in them to not only better themselves, but the communities around them as well. The Center offers teenagers in the surrounding community with an opportunity to engage in their youthful hobbies (skateboarding, basketball, art, music, dance, drama) and other after school activities. This allows them to be able to develop and foster their creative skills and talents without compromising their safety or their character. The long term goal of the Refuge Youth Center is to empower teenagers by providing a positive peer group and environment, which will then allow them to develop the habits that will help make a positive impact on themselves, their family, friends, and community.